What is CIMS Honours?

    CIMS Honours is a Prestigious Title announced in recognition for your service & contribution in healthcare. It is a grand event to promote Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Wellness personalities & organisations across the region through various media platforms such as Print, Television & Online.
    CIMS Honours should not be compared to any Award or competition for Healthcare, it recognizes a very special type of achievement. It is meant to encourage and reward Healthcare individuals or organisations who work hard and give their best effort in the face of key issues & obstacles to Healthcare. Through this platform CIMS Medica supports achievement and is pleased to recognize and reward Healthcare personalities whose performance merits special attention.
    The platform will feature the latest news and updates as well as information sessions on various topics. It also presents an opportunity to be in the company of reputed consultants, heads of leading healthcare organisations, healthcare business investors and senior management of leading healthcare & pharmaceutical companies under one roof, providing an opportunity to showcase the quality of healthcare, facilities and services.

        CIMS Medica is a global leading provider of drug information, educational content and marketing services to healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical marketers and consumers. CIMS Medica ensures a complete life-cycle management of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Brands right from its pre-launch, launch, post-launch and maturity phases. CIMS Medica publishes leading drug directories (CIMS and IDR) and various Medical Journals and Magazines - Journal of Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology (JPOG), Cardiology Today, Ophthalmology Today & Health Today among others. It creates and distributes a wide range of healthcare information in Print, Electronic, Web, Broadcast and Live Event formats. It’s online brand www.cimsasia.com is the most powerful drug search media. CIMS Medica offers the following integrated and customized medico-marketing solutions to Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical companies: Medical content strategy development, KOL engagement solutions, Speaker/CME programs, Digital communications, Patients/sales-force engagement solutions. CIMS Medica is exceptionally well placed to design and organize engaging congresses, conferences and CME events that advance the exchange of ideas and best clinical practices.


    Established in 1963, CIMS is a multi-channel provider of drug information, medical education and services connecting healthcare communities. Our work empowers healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes by facilitating knowledge exchange and better decision-making. Today, CIMS (Internationally known as MIMS) is present in 12 countries across Asia Pacific with approximately two million healthcare professional subscribers to its drug & resource portal, digital and print publications.
    ‘Serving healthcare professionals in Asia Pacific for over 50 years, CIMS is committed to providing tools to meet physicians' needs in their daily practice and supporting their lifelong learning’