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Nutraceuticals are referred to the food products that have a medicinal benefit including prevention and treatment of disease – in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foodstuff. The nutraceutical industry encompasses three main segments which include functional foods, dietary supplements, and herbal/natural products.
The relevance of nutraceuticals can be understood as they are new sector with lower R&D costs, new revenue sources, most purchases are by consumers, less onerous regulatory requirements, fast growing, source of differentiation & higher margins and accepted channel for new products.

Nutraceuticals offers opportunities for pharmaceuticals companies to make their products more consumer-oriented, and for food producers to create brands with a medical image. India is currently a nascent market for nutraceuticals. At present, the nutraceuticals industry in India is about USD 2.2 billion, and is expected to grow at 20% to USD 6.1 billion by 2020. Both MNCs as well as domestic companies in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage space have tested the market with a variety of launches, with some success.

‘Nutraceutical and Health Awards 2016’ has recognized the excellence in nutraceutical industry under various domains including research & development, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and other support services in the areas of active ingredients, procedures, practices, technologies, and finished products. The awards will encourage the healthy competition amongst the nutraceutical companies which will result into better delivery of services.

The awards recognized the proactive and innovative approaches that leads to the success and which raise the standards of nutraceutical industry.

Glimpse of Nutraceutical and Health Awards 2016


Shri Sanjay Nirupam
NHA organized by CIMS Medica plays an important role in today’s world where everyone needs to be educated about healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Such events are necessary these days as they create general awareness among the people and guide them in a right way.

Leena Mogre
Congratulations to Dr. Monica Bhatia for organizing such a great event and thank you for recognizing my excellence.
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