Cardiometabolic syndrome is a constellation of maladaptive cardiovascular, renal, metabolic, prothrombotic, and inflammatory abnormalities leading to increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Currently, the combined impact of obesity, diabetes, and CVD is the biggest health problem worldwide with leading cause of mortality despite therapeutic advances. The knowledge of the prognostic relationship between metabolic risk factors and CVD is must for physicians or healthcare providers for optimized treatment strategies to prevent and/or delay disease progression.

The most comprehensive continuing medical education offered at our 3rd ASIA-PACIFIC CARDIOMETABOLIC SUMMIT on 25th & 26th November 2017 at Hotel The Leela, Mumbai will allow front-line doctors to stay advanced on best practices, research, and new advances to prevent, delay, and manage cardiometabolic risk. The meeting curriculum will provide the most effective, current strategies for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of cardiometabolic diseases and related comorbidities in daily practice.

This event is involved in a comprehensive educational programme for cardiologists, endocrinologists, hypertension specialists and other related healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of patients at risk for cardiometabolic syndrome and will provide a chance for direct interaction with participants and the exchange of ideas and knowledge will be facilitated.


  • Credit points (applied for)
  • Identify the components of cardiometabolic syndrome in patients at increased risk
  • Comprehensive, multi-factorial cardiovascular and metabolic risk reduction strategies
  • Identify the current management gaps
  • Take home key practical strategies from the new treatment guidelines
  • Implement recent guidelines for managing diabetes, heart failure, dyslipidaemia, obesity, and hypertension in clinical practice
  • Translate evidence-based strategies for prevention, screening, and treatment of cardiometabolic risk factors and their comorbidities
  • Integration of novel and emerging therapies into clinical practice to reduce morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular and metabolic disease
  • Evidence-based solutions for managing complex patients
  • Optimal strategies for the management of hyperglycaemia in patients with individual characteristics, including the elderly and patients with renal dysfunction
  • Decipher the most recent clinical data to apply directly into clinical practice
  • Connect with leading experts in cardiometabolic health for answers to your most urgent questions

  • Cardiologists
  • Endocrinologists
  • Hypertension specialists
  • Testimonials

    Dr. Manoj Chawla
    Congratulations to CIMS Medica and its team for organizing such an event, it has been a great initiative by UDF and CIMS Medica.

    Dr. Rajiv Kovil
    CMS gives an opportunity to the doctors to learn about the evidence-based medicines and bring changes in the therapy, which is necessary in India.